Ford Explorer Concept pictures

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Just thought I’d post some interesting details .

This is a pure concept, so I don’t expect any of these to make it into production.

At least before the year 2050…

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  1. The Star Trek dash is silly and the steering wheel design is not good. But I like the window switches and the HVAC controls, like they were designed by the same guys who designed the Ipod Shuffle. The grille looks nice and mean. LEDs should replace incandescent bulbs wherever possible.

  2. Car companies really need to stop letting retards design. This hunk of crap could have been made in the 80s, thats how little ‘pure concepts'(By that I mean worthless garbage who’s likeness or even trim never sees the light of day in production.) have progressed in the face of real car.

  3. Let’s face it, this is a cartoon. The Explorer as a vehicle is sort of a tired idea anyway. The only thing you can do to make it interesting anymore is to give it an electric powertrain (like that’ll happen), or Range Rover off-road ability. Good luck.

    They’ll release a “Rugged” vehicle with an Explorer badge on it. It might bear some watered-down resemblance to this wind-up toy, and a lot of people will buy it.

    But the green stuff in the concept looks really cool, ya gotta admit.

  4. Ford is concepting themselves to death…..literally, they actually believe that they are fooling people, Mark Fields….it’s time to leave!

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