Ford Verve Concept (US Version)

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This is pretty much what we’ll get in the US as the “smaller than Focus” small Ford.
And this already looks much, much better than our current 2008 Focus.

Not sure what the strategy behind this is…..

By the way, I am at the show right this minute. I will post my own pictures later.
So far, the Mercedes GLK looks as bad in person as it does in pictures, and I am running out to see the Passat CC in person.

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  1. I’ve seen pictures of this car floating around on the internet and I’ve gotta say…I like it! This car has real potential for Ford. I’ve read somewhere that this car may come with the direct injection, turbocharged eco boost with a dsg transmission. Hopefully Ford won’t water this concept car down too much for production. Good looks, performance, economy…nice job Ford. I read a marketing statement from Ford about this car, and I gotta say, although I like this car a lot, Fords marketing team is the biggest bunch of morons I’ve think I’ve ever come across. They talk about how this car is aimed at “millineites or millineumers” (or something like that), basically 13 to 28 year olds. Don’t ask me about 13 year olds driving, I’m just writing about what they said. Ford then says how this group demands high quality and high tech stuff. I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST THIS GROUP OF INDIVIDUALS!!! What DOES piss me off is how Ford thought that all the previous generations of consumers were happy with all the crap sandwiches they were dishing out of their dealerships previously. Anyway I’m looking forward to seeing this car in person. Nice job Ford, and to Mullaly. It’s nice to see some real leadership in the Ford ranks, finally.

  2. wow finally ford is geting with the program now this is what i call nice get rid of the focus replace it with this like now the focus lookes ugly i hate to say it it was nice when it was out like ten years ago but it never quite evolved now this is what ford needs or they should bring the euro focus over but this is more appealing i like it alot

  3. The exterior design of this is absolutely fantastic: sporty, refined and handsome. The interior is a bit loud (colour-wise) for my liking, but well executed. Best of luck to Ford with this … this should prove to be the category winner in the small car segment. Now just bring us the Euro Focus!

  4. It’s very attractive, but the styling makes it look like there is little passenger room. And the big “Peugeot” grille I don’t like.

  5. It’s a start. I just hope that we aren’t still living off of this same vehicle in 10 years when Ford of Europe would have gone through 2 major redesigns.

  6. Like 3:41 said, I just read that this car will be released overseas later this year, but that it won’t be released in the USA……FOR 2 MORE YEARS (about 2010)!!!! Ford, what the heck are you doing?! So in 2010 when and if this car is released in the USA, is Europe going to get an updated version of it and, like the Focus, we’ll get stuck with the old one? Why does the US have to wait…AGAIN? Just when I think Ford is turning things around and finally getting their heads out of their butts, they find a way to take their heads and plant them in a little deeper.

  7. It’s only 145 inches in total length(and change)? WHY?
    I won’t buy this.. SMALLEST car I will drive is something along the lines of the Hyundai Accent.
    Make this thig , at least, 14 ft in length…and I’ll buy one.

    This car is barely over 12 ft long, and it sure ain’t no Mini-Cooper, no matter how good it is.

    We have an 08 Focus…. and it’s an Acceptable Car, but we won’t buy another.. it’s boring.
    We just got tired of going to Toyota(Scion) to get tune-ups, adn such, 35 miles away, vs Ford(in town… 8 miles away).
    Guess we messed up… should have got the 08 tC(we have an 05 with 95K miles on it).
    The tC feels like it cot 5K more than we paid for it, where as the Focus SES… at 16,500, feels like we still got taken by 1,500 too much.
    It’s not a bad care…but it’s as exciting to drive as a Corolla(and less resale value, I bet, in 4 years).

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