Honda Pilot Concept

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This, on the other hand, does not look good in person.
This is what you get when you mix square and boring. And later add a dash of ugly to the mix.

Sure, it isn’t as disturbing to look at as the new Highlander, but that’s not saying much….

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  1. In the Mercedes GLK thread, I wondered if Honda could come up with something as ugly. I no longer wonder, as the next-gen Pilot looks like something Lada would have built in the mid 80s.

  2. Good lord, who’s supplying Honda’s “designers” with crack? First the Accord mess, and now this. The Pilot barely resembles the sketch released a while ago. At least that had some curves. This thing is hideous. It doesn’t look good from any angle. In fact, in profile it bears more than a passing resemblance to GMs bulbous-nosed minivans.

  3. This looks 100% like the rear end of the new small cheap jeeps, what is honda thinking ???, even if you are a honda fan you can’t like this. The new Murano owns this segment !!!!!!!

  4. Actually, it looks like a pervious gen before current one. Somewhat boxy like Crossroad.
    …no word on promised DIESEL-V6?
    Vince, do you know how does it compare, size-wise, to 2008?

  5. Another grille…from Honda….The Highlander in my opinion looks more interesting. This is plain boring.

  6. That greenhouse looks like a mystery car hou showed months ago. I think it’s okay, not real exciting.

  7. Vince, Doesn’t Isuzu still sell a new version of the Trooper in Japan? Could you find a picture and post it to compare these two identical twins?

  8. It looks better than the current one. This is more rugged looking so the typical Honda buyer won’t like it since Honda buyers tend to be weak and resent anything that looks strong.

  9. Heres the best tip for Honda, Change the name of this to PLOT and its very fitting considering that it will R.I.P. with this crappy styling!

  10. Unattractive, bizarre styling. The fact that people are buying Honda’s increasingly ungainly designs actually disturbs me a lot. Maybe the Aztek was ahead of its time.

  11. Makes the Highlander look great by comparison. It looks like Honda’s version of the Nissan Xterra.

  12. I am the market for a new Pilot and was waiting to see what the new one looked like before I pulled the trigger. Nope. It’s either an old one or something else. Honda really struck out on this one.

  13. Look down below at the Range Rover pic. and then go back and forth from that pic to the one of the Honda plot, it will be shocking to see that the Honda is even uglier than you originally thought.

  14. OMG! This is one fugly SUV. Knowing how the Accord concept looked almost exactly the same as the production vehicle, this is a big flop. This looks like a Jeep mixed with a Hummer and with some cheap korean stylings from Hyundai/kia from the 90’s. This is a reason why Honda should not hire laid off GM designers. When was the last time you’ve seen a good looking GM vehicle?

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