How about some more crash tests…

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Very interesting.
Especially the part that compares the Neon with the Caliber.

This one is already a classic.
This is what most people now think of Chinese car safety…

One we don’t get over here.

Another scary Chinese result.
Let’s hope Chery improves, a lot, before we get their next model as a small Dodge….

the cheapest European car does better, if not great….

Volvo VS. Volvo.

The old BUG seemed like a death trap. Interesting to see that the much more modern 1st generation Golf was actually not really safer. At least from watching this….

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  1. No fans so far haven’t wished Mr. Burlapp a happy New Year!


    Anyways, VW had made great improvements like most other companies. The Swedes were the first to pioneer safety and then the Germans, Japanese and Brits followed. American cars have become a lot more safer too. As far as Chinese and Koreans manufacturers, I rather buy a Hyundai.

  2. Thanks a lot.
    Happy new year to all.
    May 2008 make all you dreams come true.

    It can happen if you really want to…

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR VINCE! i’m a big fan of your blog, only because I love cars. I’ve been veiwing your blog for over a year now.your blog is my home page. look closely at the rear of the toyota a-bat. its a hybrid truck if you didnt notice.You may have known me as the name(WG)

  4. @ndreas is right.. that is definitely a 2nd-gen Golf.. which terrifies me, considering I drove both a 1st-generation GTI and VW Rabbit-based Pickup for several years!

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