Hyundai Genesis Crash test

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Looking good.
But really, most full sized cars do.

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  1. Burlapp, can you find a 55 Chevy being test crashed?
    I wonder if cars made over 40 years ago shatter as they do today.

  2. Turkey, I bet a 55 Chevy would not shatter and toss small debris around like the Genisis did, but would just crush and totally deform the passenger compartment.

  3. The passenger in a 55 Chevy would die instantly having been impaled by the steering column AND crushed against the metal dashboard.

    This car is very safe. Look at how the crash doesn’t affect the passenger compartment. Lets face it, you see pieces falling on the ground and I see a passenger who walks away from the crash.

  4. The front ends of cars today are designed to crumple on purpose so as to absorb the excessive g-force energy so that force will be reduced before it acts on the cabin and harms the occupants. Think of it as a big shock absorber. Bigger older vehicles not crumpling or deforming at all transfer ALL the g-forces to the occupant there by increasing the chances of injury. With the older vehicles there may be less damage to the car, but if there is more damage to YOU then whats the point. I hope this helps.

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