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  1. I agree with the Bag as far as the design.
    Nothing original and just a carbon copy of Bangle’s work…more or less.

  2. The interior looks good, especially the stitching around the instrument cluster.

    I understand this also has a Lexicon sound system found only in Rolls and Bentley.

    DBjones is one funny dude, even if he’s way out in left field.


  3. I’m more and more impressed with this car. Yes it may look pretty generic, but it’s no more generic than any lexus, Acura etc.

    As someone who recently bought a new Hyundai, people should really check out their current products before forming opinions on interiors looking cheap.

    My Santa Fe looks way better than anything Toyota or Honda does in that class.

  4. The interior shot in the top picture looks like cheap plastic with phony, molded in stitching. I’m interested in seeing the Genesis in the flesh (sheet metal), but so far I’m not impressed.

  5. Some anonymous coward wrote:
    “A copy is a copy. What’s there to be impressed with?”

    I think the price might be pretty impressive when this comes out. We’ll know when it goes on sale though.

  6. Well spoiled or young. They clearly dont recall the birth of Lexus. The LS used the formula that the S Class perfected. Everyother fullsize luxory car has been has been a copy. They have developed over the different generations to be more unique which help to develop a premiom for that car and/or brand. Look at how much the Lexus commands now. Hyundai is playing by the rules here and if they manage to move enough of these cars they will be able to develop a car with a more unique personality and maybe a unique design. Something the Lex LS hasn’t even done yet.

    Biggest mistake I see is that sad winged emblem and hopefully Korea only grill. I have seen one online with a grill similar to the one on the Azera/Granduer or whatever its name is and it looks good. Much more proper. Even with the Hyundai H logo.

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