Kia Borrego Interior details

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There is really nothing wrong with this interior.
It even looks really nice.
I am not in the market for a mid sized truck, but this seems to me at least as good or better than most of the competition out there.
it’s hard to tell how big this thing is. I would guess about the size of an Explorer.
But I would still prefer this to a Sequoia.

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  1. Looks Good
    Vince I have to agree with you on this Borrego over the Toyota Sequoia, which is one of the fugliest SUVs.

    The Borrego does look nice and the fit and finish is on par with anything the Japanese imports have at twice the price.

  2. WOW, To think ho wmuch Chrysler charges for all that hard plastic in the Aspin. I bet that Kia will have much better quality and I dont see an screw heads showing.

  3. Nice! I hate to say it but it seems Mercedes could learn something from this interior. The wood looks good in these photos.

  4. Looks like Kia looked long and hard at the interior of a VW Touareg and copied as much as possible. That steering wheel, center stack and center console are complete ripoffs of the Touareg.

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