Kia Borrego Interior

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I must say, to me, this looks much, much better than that new GLK interior.

Sure, we are comparing a Mercedes with a Kia. (Which is blasphemous in some circles)
And there are other things to consider.

But still…

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  1. I sure see a lot of Volkwagon in here. It does look nice but this looks to me like the Korean verison and Hyundai will not let Kia America grow at a faster rate than it does and will strip their American vehicles to fit their image for KMA.

    I think this looks better too than the Merc GLK. The Merc’s interior reminds me of the older Lincoln’s. White interior with piping and larger square design throughout. I hope they stick with black and tan for production. But then again I wouldnt buy this if I could afford it.


  2. Certainly not ground-breaking but a nice place to sit and ride for a while. I see Kia buys its plastic faux wood from Toyota.

  3. When I look at car interiors all I think is, when is a car company going to take them into the digital age? Someone should hook up with Apple to design a car interior.

  4. How is Mercedes going to compete with kia/hyundai? Why is a Mercedes “worth” twice the money?

  5. Yes, there are other things to consider:

    Quality – Kia wins

    Reliability – Kia wins

    Exterior Styling – Kia wins

    Appeal to people who know nothing about cars, but pretend they do – Mercedes

  6. a clean, simply and upscale design if a bit bland. but it looks like a nice, comofortable, open and airy place to spend some time. i’d have to agree with some of the other comments that it looks like a VW interior – a simplified and brightened one, though.

  7. I agree with you Vince. This Kia looks much better than the GLK in the photo.

    I think all automakers and most if not all car reviewers think ‘sportiness’ has to be all black interior with a dab of silver trims. I still like the old wood or plwood-look with a tan interior. It is more classy and projects a warm and inviting look.

  8. This looks good. At least they did not mess it up with dumb-dumb “stylists”. Nothing worse than having some goof-ball called a “stylist” putting guffy lines in it.

  9. i think they ran out of money and simply took the interior from the Touareg and put it into their car!

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