Knight Rider trailer from NBC

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Still crappy to me.

And I wonder how many episodes they have in the can before they suffer from the ongoing writers strike.
Although it might turn out to get decent ratings just because there is “nothing else new on TV”….

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  1. Vince, I know you work in Hollwood and I want you to succeed, but I not only cancelled cable and got rid of the TV years ago because there is literally nothing new worth watching, but I also don’t even go to the movies anymore because all the producers try to do is mask poor writing, storylines, and acting with interesting special effects. If you can relay message like this to any powers that be, maybe it’ll help.

  2. I only watch LOST and rent films and go to the movies.
    Television these days is really lame, we need the Vince
    Burlapp Network.
    Burlapp can present to us the latest in the auto world,
    as well as what the rich are driving in Hollywood.
    He could kind of be like the next Robin Leach minus
    the accent.

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