Lifan 320, Chinese Mini Cooper copy?

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I guess that’s what they’re going for. A 5 door mini Cooper look alike.

One of the crapiest Chinese cars I’ve seen in a while….

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  1. That is PATHETIC. There’s nothing more to say. I wonder how long it will take the Chinese to understand how ridiculous and unprofessional this obsession with plagiarism looks to western eyes.

  2. My Eyes! My Eyes! If the Chinese are going to copy a design, I would prefer they do an exact copy of the design rather than their “enhanced” version. This is horrible.

  3. Burlapp, you just wasted over 6” of space on your website.
    I am glad they dont sell these in the US or I would
    take out my elephant gun.

  4. boooring! looks more like a daihatsu sirion (former generation) to me, especially the headlights.

  5. And it has go-fast stickers!!! How is it possible that they don’t feel at all foolish for always displaying blatant copies like this. The wheels aren’t even sized right, which makes It looks like a amateur kit car. Wait…. Is this in a shopping mall for goodness sake? Idiots.

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