Lincoln MKT Video

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I will post more on this later.
As I said, I really like it. Finally, a new idea on the American luxury car.

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  1. Incredibly cool concept, but, Ford’s concepts and what finally gets on the market are two completely different vehicles. Too bad, they have some awesome concepts.

  2. Wow! That’s pretty impressive. I like the way the video screen comes down from the ceiling. But I cant help but wonder how much it would cost to fix it if it broke. I also wonder if those custom Lincoln aluminum bins will be an option. The rear seats look real comfy too. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the engine. Nice vehicle.

  3. Leg room.

    Big, luxurious and fuel-efficient, with AWD.

    The rear fender kick-up allowed the stylists to drop the sill-line, getting away from the “300” greenhouse look, which is enough, already.

    Lincoln is starting to get its act together.

  4. ^^ agree. Lincoln’s styling seems to be getting stronger yet more refined with each concept.

    What intrigues me most about the MKT is that it could successfully yield both a crossover AND a sedan… wonder if Lincoln will also build a 4 passenger “land-jet” like the concept?

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