Mazda 6 Coupe???

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That what this illustration from Mazda seem to indicate.

Unless they changed their minds between the time they did the sketch and the actual launch of the car in Europe a few months ago.

It does make some sense, at least for the US. Where we already have the Accord and Altima coupe.

Let’s hope they follow through with this…

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  1. a coupe? well maybe that’s why we didn’t get the 5-door (hatch) mazda6?? Well if this is true and it’s a hatch.. Congrats to Mazda, a VERY good move!!

    And yes, Vince Burlapp is our BEST FRIEND!! 🙂

  2. This is very nice and should do well in the USA. But where the heck is the US 6 sedan? I thought (incorrectly obviously) that it was going to be introduced at Detroit but no-body anywhere even mentioned it. I also thought it was to go on sale this fall in the US. I guess I’m wrong about that too. Oh well… A coupe hatch would be good, but for me it would be rediculous. My next car must be a 4 door and I would greatly appreciate a 5 door. A coupe does nothing for me as nice looking as it is. And no, I’m not interested in the cx-7 or other suv. I can’t wait to see the next US 6 and also the new Milan. Come on Mazda…throw us a bone or something will ya….

  3. Vince,

    I see the dorks at are mad you released this pic before they did. Good job to you Vince. And what’s this they are saying that you don’t give much information……they did’nt give any info on the car either, why……BECAUSE THERE IS’NT ANY THAT’S WHY!!!!! Wow, so they speculated that it’s going to have a 2.5l 4cyl and the 3.7l v6, boy… they’re so smart, I never would have figured that one out! I’m so glad they are here to give us these facts…uh…I mean…”SPECULATIONS”. That’s sarcasim(I hope I spelled that right) by the way to the folks at autoblog. Don’t get me wrong, I read autoblog a lot and appreciate all they do, BUT DON’T MESS WITH VINCE!!!!!!

    Vince, if you wan’t to send my statement to autoblog go for it.

    OK I’m done.

  4. If the RX-8 is supposed to become the RX-9 (RX-7) and go back to being a two-seater this Mazda6 coupe makes a lot of sense, because it would fill the 2+2 coupe role in the US market… I actually hope they do this, cause it should mean a 2-seat RX-? is on the way.

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