Mazda2 3 door

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Just as cute as the 5 door.

Still not sure if we’re getting the 2 over here at all. Ford might just decide the new Fiesta will be enough….

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  1. Aww, it’s so cute! Reminds me of my brother’s old 323 hatch! This should be a no brainer for Mazda/Ford.

  2. Subaru will sabotage the transport ship, this car makes their wrx look like… aah whats the use.

  3. I have never understood why mazda is number 4 of the japanese auto makers? They clearly have the best designs of the four, and some of the best design of any maker. Only BMW designs are copied more than mazda. This is another example of the best looking car in the segment.

  4. Whether a 3 or 5 door – it ticks me off that they are not offering it here. I mean why would we want a sporty alternative to a bland yaris or fit?

    Also – if you look at that 3-door pic in detail – especially around the rear side window – it looks to be a photoshop job. The rear side window is flush and yet has no attachment area around it.

  5. one of the reasons that mazda is #4 right now is because they’ve only recently really upped their game in the segment. The Protege and Miata have always been good cars but they really haven’t had a stellar volume-selling midsize until the 6. The 626 before the 6 came out had a really bland design and wasn’t really that well reviewed – i think one auto mag called it a step back from its competent predecessor. Give Mazda a few years to catch up 🙂

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