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The coupe version of the C Class is back.
Except it won’t be totally new. What you can see in this picture is pretty much all that’s new.
The rest of the car, including the interior, is carryed over from the previous model.

I am not sure whay they are doing this. Coming up with a new/not new model. I guess they don’t think the coupe market is worth the investement.
I say do it or don’t. Don’t just change the front end and try to pass it for all new.
Not really acceptable for a Mercedes…

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  1. Oh Geez…..Merc pulled a ’98 Escort Wagon? NOT GOOD!

    I just say they get rid of it all together and just work on a new model line that slots under the C Class….it’s what everyone else is doing….

    “Mercedes X Class”…..that works.

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