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Again, the coupe version of the new C class isn’t all new.
New front, new rear lights and a slightly revised interior (not even a new dash) can hardly be called news….

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  1. This should cost $ 23.000 -25.000
    since it will do battle with the new 1 series.
    And we all know the BMW rocks!!!

  2. i prefer the front-end treatment of the sedan better. i like the rear lights, though. is this going to be a hatchback like the C230? or is it like the CLK? or something in between? anyone know?

  3. This is something that I thought Mercedes just “Doesn’t do”

    They somehow pulled a Focus….dissapointing.

  4. You got to understand times are hard for everyone including big companies, the hatch may not have been a hit in the us, mercedes needs to watch it budget just like anyone else.

  5. The most recent new Mercedes design ideas are very disappointing. While I overall like the C-class sedan silhouette I hate the large chasm above the grille and the enormous indicator lights on the side mirrors. Yesterday the new head lights of the renovated SL stunned me, because these are the worst design elements of an SL ever IMHO. And this, the rear lights of the CLC – simply horrible. This is like a nightmare photoshop rendering come to life.

  6. Hmm is this confirmed for the US? I actually liked the C230 hatch of a few years ago, but felt that it had a poor hp/$ ratio for me. This new one looks sharp, and I like the functionality of a hatch, and it doesn’t look like a minivan (GTI).

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