Mercedes CLC

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An early rendering.
back from when they were thinking of spending some real money and designing an all new car based on the new C Class.
It does look a bit like the Accord coupe (I wonder if Honda saw these a few years ago).
And it would have been miles ahead of the actual production model.
A warmed over C Class coupe from 2001….

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  1. They took the stupid way, once again.
    And yes, it does look like the Accord coupe to some extent. If they are smart they should save this for the next cycle.

  2. Or wait until Honda uses this front end design in more future models, MB has dropped the ball once again.

  3. c’mon everyone, you do see Hyundai and mustang here. what a true disaster mercedes has become! Toyota is next to fall apart, it has already started.

  4. This would have been ridiculously NICE….but would have stolen SLK sales. But the 1998 Ford Escort Wagon new front end tactic won’t work here. They should just let it die.

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