Mini Beetle coming up

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One thing is sure, VW will be coming out with a new vresion of the new Beetle in a few years.
Not killing it like the PT Cruiser.

But the German press is now thinking they could use the upcoming small (and cheap) “UP!” RWD platform.
That would make for a much cheaper Beetle. And it would be back to its roots with RWD and a rear engine.

Why not….

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  1. …finally letting the Golf/Rabbit be it’s own vehicle again instead of the current redundancy…

  2. Its what the current Beetle should have been. For years now this Beetle immitation has been competing with the Gulf/Rabbit which left it as more of an odity than anything else. If this does become the next Beetle VW might be able to return to what it should be, a cheap German car maker for the people.

  3. now thats a real beetle. If VW can resist the temptation to let the MSRP crawl up like soo many of its others, it will sell like the original.

  4. With one of thier small TDIs in this thing, it would make a great commuter car. I look forward to seeing this thing make it to production.

  5. Having a smaller body is defiantly more reminiscent of the KDF( Kraft Durch Freude or Strength Through Joy) version born from the 1930’s that became the Beetle. Owning a rear engine car must be a really cool itemto own since it is a rarity.Still not sure how the RWD set up will handle in every type of weather condition,since not all of us live in sunny California or Spain, but I think this car will give birth to another VW Renaissance…can’t wait to see more!!

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