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Suposelly this is what the next Eclipse might look like.
Is the current , and almost new, Eclipse such a flop???

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  1. That reminds me of 2007 Peugeot 308 RC Z concept earlier in the Tokyo Motor Show. Another Nippon-French trio?

  2. The prototype of the current Eclipse also looked promising and now look at it. It looks too American
    and lacks its own identity.
    I am not sure if the next sports coupe will be an Eclipse or a 3000 GT predecessor , but whatever they make it must not be generic and me strong enough
    to take on upcoming competition from Toyota, Nissan
    and Mazda.

  3. yes it is a flop they only sold 20,154 in 2007 sales are down 23.6%
    for the eclipse coupe. They also only sold 7,138 spyders for a grand total of 27,292. compare that with a honda civic that sold 331,095 last year or a toyota corolla that sold 371,390.

  4. Comparing eclipse with the corolla and civic is absurd. The eclipse should be compared with the toyota celica which has been discontinued due to poor sales. Hence, the celica should be considered a flop. The eclipse has been the most successful import coupe. The current eclipse is not exactly new, it is two years old and sales decline is not unexpected. This concept if indeed is the replacement for the current eclipse will not be in production after another two years.

  5. Looks nice. Hope they build a production car that is close to this concept before they go bankrupt.

  6. Look: there’s the Astra 3 door, Scion tC, Tiburon(soon to be replaced with another car),tthe rumored 09-2010 2 (or 3 door) dr coupe/ Kia sporty car, etc….

    I wish they’d go back about 10 years, make an Eclipse the size of the old one(that most people seem to like better than this overbloated hunk of tin) and give it these looks, and 2010 technology.
    If they do this, I’ll buy… if not.. well, there are other places to go for a car.

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