Mitsubishi Lancer Sportsback

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This is supposed to be showing us what the production verion of the hatch version of the Lancer will look like.
A nice looking car. But not as cool as the concept they showed us a couple of years ago.
It looks like they tried to save oney by using the same rear doors as in the sedan.

I guess you can’t blame them for trying to save a buck when they seem to sell so few cars….

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  1. Still a good looking hatch. This will please those of us who were heart broken by Mazda’s decision to cut short the life of the Protege5. I guess I’m one of the few people who have been waiting for something like this to finally come to the States.

  2. I like this 100% better than the Subaru. I don’t care that it will use the sedan doors. It’s good that they are giving the Lancer wagon a 2nd try

  3. Finally! That looks awesome. I would highly consider this if it is not changed from the picture above.

  4. Mitsubishi has no plans to release the Hatch the the US market.. developed but the Euromarket, and possible for Canada as they had prevous Sportback Lancers

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