More Camaro interior pictures

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With more details.
Most of the door panel is still covered up. As are the headlights.
And again, a pre-production car like this one is not 100% final. Trim details might and will change.

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  1. If the car is made well, priced right and not a lazy bloke under the hood from OZ that loves to drink gas like Fosters, I might be interested in this car.
    I just hope that when it snows, the car won’t fish tail as my RWD 240SX SE.

    * I think the Engine was designed by Holden of Australia.

  2. This is getting better and better, love the VW switchblade key too. The exterior pics are not as revealing, but the interior is shaping up nicely, although I wish there was a cupholder provision in the door pocket.

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