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At least they didn’t ruin it…

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  1. I like the old one better, those headlamps make it look dorky, was hoping for more of the new c class face on it…

  2. Not bad, but the old one does look better. Not a good thing when this is supposed to be the next generation.

  3. I agree with the first post. The prior SL looks a lot better … a much cleaner, simpler design. The new version is a bit gaudy – almost like someone installed a bad aftermarket body kit on it. My ex-boss has a 2006 SL 350. Initially, he had a lot of quality problems with it (ex: leaky roof). If it doesn’t look better I hope at least the quality has improved in the new version.

  4. Mercedes has to stop dragging its feet, and produce better cars…

    They did extremely well with the new C class, but the rest of their line up is lackluster. Not to mention, the garbage they have and will be producing (R, GLK, new SL). C63 and a Sprinter are the only Mercs i would remotely consider..

  5. This is ok, but it does not have the pinache or the expensive looks of the old one. The old one was a world class style leader, this not so much.

    The old one just screemed luxury and refinement. This iteration just makes it look ordinary and a little dorky. Especially those headlights and the new Mercedez grills are not doing anything for me.

  6. Vince said: “At least they didn’t ruin it…”

    They didn’t improve it either. I like the current model better than this one.

  7. It takes some time to accept that once a honest “Junker” is now being pimped with useless jewelry.

  8. This vehicle is beautiful, I think it is an improvement. They are using styling cues from the old R107 SL which you wouldn’t understand if you were born after 1990 (which most of the posters here are).

    They have done a fantastic job.


  9. Yeah it seems that MB and BMW come out with new designs for the sake of “change.” The problem is all their new cars are hideous compared to the the old ones (especially in the interiors). At least they didn’t screw with the dashboard on this refresh (considering what comes out of MBs design house these days, cough GLK gag). Frankly they only cars that look better with the new generation coming out of Europe is coming out of the VW group.

  10. The new SL would’ve looked fine if the whole car followed the angular design theme. The rear is still very curvy and while the front in extremely angular and does not flow with the the rest of the car. Either stay with the original design them or redesign the whole car. There was nothing wrong or old about the previous model, it was a timeless design that would’ve stayed modern for at least a few more years. Mercedes has completely lost its originality and therefore its image as a creative and groundbreaking company

  11. So Mercedes is going to put those terrible round button clusters in all their steering wheels then?

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