More Saab 9-4X Concept pictures

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Still doesn’t look great.
Without the headlights you can’t really tell it’s a Saab…

It’s not that modern looking either. And yet is about a year away from hitting the streets.

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  1. No, this is NOT the Saab Tribecca. that was shelved a while ago. GM is not with Subaru anymore.
    This is smaller.

  2. GM is screwing Saab royally. Saab could have such an amazing looking, and driving, SUV/CUV, but this looks fat, forced, and uninspired. I was looking forward to an actual Saab SUV and not just a rebadged Chevy. This is not much better.

  3. Surely any car without it’s trademark features doesn’t look recognisable? You could argue that the Genesis doesn’t look like a Hyundai….

    Saab’s are it’s headlights and frontal styling…anyway it looks a lot better than half the crap that’s out there especially from car makers like Subaru….

  4. I think it doesn’t look bad. A bit like a Ford Edge. But I admit I definitely prefer the styling of the Saturn Vue (Opel Antara on these shores)

  5. It’s based on GMs Theta platform, the same as the Provoq, Vue, Equinox and Torrent. And contrary to what many uninformed naysayers bleat, this is not a rebadge. Building different vehicles on the same paltform — something done by most car makers — is NOT rebadging.

  6. Yes it is on the T/E Platform Which combines parts of Epsilon II wiht Theta for a new platform. As of now, only the Cadillac and Saab are destined for this new platform, which is significantly larger than Theta

  7. “This is not built on a Vue platform. Its on a new platform that is wider.”

    Well, yes and no. The Theta platform used for the Provoq/BRX and the 9-4X is a modified Theta platform known internally as Theta II.

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