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Just a couple more pictures.

It uses the same V6 as in other Toyotas.
But the base engine is a new 2.7 Liter engine.
No horsepower ratings yet.

So guess what the base engine will be in the Camry next year…

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  1. Yup…Toyota designers have really bad taste. Maybe they can get Chip Foose to sketch one. He can do better in 20 minutes.

  2. This looks very similar to what the future Lexus RX is supposed to look like and I think that’s terribly wrong. Toyota and Lexus should have clearly different designs. Otherwise the Lexus brand will become diluted.

  3. Looks nice inside, although nothing new. The outside is choppy looking, not terribly easy on the eyes. Looks like different designers were in charge of different parts of the vehicle and then it was put together.

  4. i’m not too sure about the camry getting a new base engine as they probably don’t introduce radical changes in model years of the same iteration… perhaps the regular SE could be upgraded to the 2.7L instead?

  5. Better to get Toyota to move to Lexus design than the other way around:-). The next RX must be pretty different otherwise Toyota will have an issue…

    Either way, after the bland highlander this is a huge improvement…

  6. Im not sure if there is a big enough demand to fill this sedan/cross-over SUV niche. But i like the concept if not the design of this Pacifica revival.

  7. That’s sound good, because you can get the 2.4L in the new Corolla. And personnaly, I love the design of this car. I can wait to put my hand on one for testing, and maybe buy one.

  8. This car is gorgeous. Give Toyota a break. Everyone has been screaming, “BRING BACK THE STATION WAGON” and Toyota finally did. I don’t hear people insulting Infiniti’s FX-35 – and the Venza offers more interior and cargo space with the advantages of a FWD based drivetrain withthe option of AWD. The Venza also permits the consumer to be eco-friendly with the choice of a large 4 cyl with 6 speed auto [something they should offer with the RAV4]. If this vehicle can escape the recent transmission problems of Toyota’s other models, it will be a a winner. My only question is why the Venza is not marketed as a Lexus, and a less luxurious / 16″ wheel version marketed as the Toyota.

  9. you dont hear people insulting infiniti because they haven’t been hiding recall information and they aren’t raping the north american auto industry like toyota has. toyota is the last company you want to give a break to, heck even the president of japan scolded them publicly last year for poor quality and bad business practices. toyota is dangerous…open your eyes, it seems you must be a toyota employee, shame on you !

  10. Tranny problems are “BIG” at toyota. they are the new Chrysler A-604 transmission of this century.

  11. “Shame on me?”
    No, “Shame on YOU.” If I am so allegiant to the brand why would I be trashing their transmissions?

    I don’t work for Toyota.
    In fact, I rent cars from Hertz and/or Avis every week-end. I believe I’ve driven almost every under $40,000 car in production, both domestic and import.

    I’ve experienced a complete front bumper assembly of a Saturn falling-off in a parking lot; door handles of a Sonata falling-off by just closing the door; a light assembly of a Pontiac Grad-Am falling off on I-95; and, a brand new PT-Cruiser Turbo with head gasket and transmission problems. I hate the Toyota dealerships as much as the next guy but you can’t deny the fact that Toyota has brought to market a class of vehicle that will prove to answer many customers’ needs just as it did with the RAV4, Prius, etc.

  12. Give Toyota a break. Everyone has been screaming, “BRING BACK THE STATION WAGON” and Toyota finally did.

    Define “station wagon.”

  13. this is too heavy for toyotas weak performing 4 cyl. it doesn’t even pull my Camry, that is when its not in the shop

  14. Danger folks buying from toyota town is the automotive equivalent of going to jones town. this product , in my humble, yet very well researched opinion, is very, very dangerous.

  15. the tuth is that the gut who is commenting under truth is has been deadly accurate with all comments!

  16. Its stylish and smooth looks will probably make it a big seller. But, I will not buy it, because usually Toyota lacks in the handling department. I hope the new RX will change my mind.

  17. The sky is falling! The sky is falling!! OMFG!!! Get a grip, things are under control at Toyota and they’re on schedule to take over the world. The sooner you accept this fact, the less painful it is for you.

  18. yes toyota salesperson. thanks for enlightening us on the fact that the sky is falling and that toyota is overtaking the world. FYI we all know this is the plan, it’s obvious arrogance like yours and your bosses at toyota that will be your ultimate demise. You sound like a GM person from the 80’s, no shame… shame

  19. Er … No Toyota salesperson here. Just telling it the way it is. Nothing personal, just business!

  20. V.B., you said you were not sure of HP for this concept. I was watching the MSNBC coverage on the Auto Show and they said it has a v6 with 247hp or so. They were saying that it seemed pretty “wimpy” for the size of the vehicle. I would have to agree, but Toyota has never been noted for thier horsepower, so that does not surprise me.

    – Kern

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