New BMW X6 Video

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Still looking great.
I thought for sure the X6 was a weird idea that was going to look ridiculous.
But I think I was wrong. Everything I see about this car looks great to me.

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  1. much better than the new mercedes designs, although you have to credit benz for trying something different

    but vince, i’ve been wondering for a while, what kind of car do you drive? and what is your favorite new car right now?

  2. I’m failing to see the point of the car/suv. The slopped roof makes any storage advantages null, and the dashboard looks like every other BMW dashboard from the past 10 years. Even Mercedes is being more inventive with their dashboard design of late.

  3. I’m glad to see BMW interiors still look so bad… Looks like it was drawn by monkeys…

    I really prefer infiniti interiors.

  4. I’m no fan of crossovers, as they’ve always felt bloated, but I appreciate the risks taken on the exterior build. It’s too bad that the interior invokes grand staleness.

  5. The thing is handsome. They’ve taken out all of the bad Bangle elements and kept the few good ones. Please keep “debangling” BMW.

  6. It looks much better than the previously posted pictures. However It reminded me of a jacked-up 911 from the rear 3/4 profile. The proportion is not right.

  7. It seems like BMW is trying to hard to convince consumers that the X6 is actually an SUV but with a coupe dynamic. It drives like a sporty coupe but it has a ‘cool’ SUV pedigree. It just doesn’t work.

    To me, it has come full circle. It used to be minivans were cool until it got slapped with the ‘soccer mom label.’ So we move on to SUVs but so did the soccer moms … so now we need a coupe-look SUV to further disassociate us from the image. SAD.

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