New Camaro interior photos!

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Keep in mind there are a lot of parts missing in this early prototype.
And trims will change as well.
But this is looking really close to the concept.

Again, I can’t wait to see it in person.

Click on the title to see all. Plus more pics of the exterior.

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  1. After years of learning that gauges are best seen through the steering wheel, they stick four of them behind the shifter. Stupid.

    Everything else looks like it’ll be quite nice.

  2. The painted plastic on the inside door panel is going to feel cheap against the hand or arm and will become scratched easily by watches, rings, fingernails, etc.

  3. It looks like a cartoon….something you would expect to see in a Smart, not a Camaro thats going to cost over $30,000.

  4. Those seats I hope came from an Aveo as parts bin standbys..I will reserve further judgement until I see something other than a development mule.

  5. The Camaro looks like a cartoon? Nissan’s GT-R looks more cartoonish. The Camaro is looking good so far.

  6. “The Camaro looks like a cartoon?” ….yes, it does look like a cartoon. What a disappointment. Can’t GM come up with a better dashboard than this? Then again, the people who drive Camaros were always more interested in displaying their chest hair than anything.

  7. To all those armchair auto “experts” who seem to think they know what they’re talking about, interior pictures of pre-production test cars can be and often are very misleading. Most pre-production cars have interiors cobbled together from parts and pieces that are either pre-production, “off the shelf” or hard plastic jury-rigged parts to serve as placeholders for the final part. Pre-production is mostly meant to evaluate an upcoming cars mechanics, not to make it look pretty for the spy photos.

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