New Ford F150

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To me, it looks just like the old one, but I have to say, I’m really not a truck guy.

It is big news for Ford, and they had a big display. Complete with a fake cowboy.
And that grille is giant when you stand next to it.
The interior of the top of the line model on display looked great.

I guess it is what it is, a big truck for a big country….

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  1. the grill says “i kill pedestrians”.

    ppl need to be aware that a humans or animals run over by this car wont live to tell the story of their lives.

  2. Yes but I’d prefer that the guy next to me on the airplane who insists on telling me the story of their life shut up and be dead. That being said, I agree with Vince that this does not look particularly different than the current F150 (save minor cosmetics) so I don’t really get the hype. Is there something really new about it that we are missing?

  3. The current F-150 is one of the CLEANEST looking trucks out there. Apparently it doesn’t matter to Ford….even though it is one of the few products they actually got right the FIRST time with it’s design. The new Ram actually looks better that this…when I originally thought it was horrendous!!!

  4. Rigs like the F-150 demonstrate Ford’s lack of commitment to the environment. Less than 10% of the people who will buy one really need something that big. I am glad to see the US gov’t will be imposing much tighter restrictions of CAFE standards and emissions. Its about time they made an effort to get these polluting hogs off our roads…

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