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A pretty non looking Chinese car coming out soon from Geely.
It actually would make a better Chrysler Sebring….

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  1. Let me just correct the tiny mistake in the first sentence. You surely meant “A shamelessly BMW-looking Chinese copycat car coming soon from Geely.”

  2. “It actually would make a better Chrysler Sebring”

    Actually it wouldn’t. If Chrysler ever sold a car that looked like this, the same gadflies who lambaste Chrysler’s current designs as stodgy would lambaste this design as a BMW clone. Which quite frankly this Geely is.

  3. Copy shmopy. The point is that all of us said we’d NEVER buy a Chinese car, might need to eat our words in 5 – 10 years’ time. If they keep on getting better looking like this one, can come up to par with safety and can beat the domestics with reliability – which shouldn’t be difficult – they may end up leaving the Koreans in the dust. Everything else we buy these days is made in China (and works pretty well), so it’s just a matter of time before our cars come from there too.

    Besides, who cares who designs they’ve ripped off? Do you really think that the average car buyer who can’t afford a BMW is going to say: “Sorry – I won’t buy this because even though it looks hot, it’s obviously inpired by a highly desirable car that I can’t afford” ?

    Oh please! Even Vince’s very first pictures of the current Honda Civic’s rear lights had everyone screaming “A4 knock-off”. Doesn’t seem to have hurt them in the least.


  4. This car is totally a mixture of the current Infiniti G and BMW 3 Series. The grill is similar to a BMW but with horizontal lines vs vertical. The headlights are a mixture of the BMW 3 sedan and Infiniti G. Overall shape and profile look like a BMW 3 series coupe/sedan. The back is totally Infiniti/BMW looking. If this is a safe car and drive well then I might even buy it.

  5. Ugh… Looking at the rear of this thing, the Chinese are now copying the Koreans, who copied the Japanese who copied the Germans. All the copying is pretty disgusting, but I have to say that this looks pretty good.

  6. I really hope Bimmer sues them for this.

    I hope Bangle goes to work in China and let Bimmers look good again.

  7. everyone is copying from everyone! so whats the big deal??? !!! its a nice looking one, if the quality and price is good, people will buy it regardless… didn’t your girlfriend get very excited that she bought a cheap knock off LV handbag for only $30 which look exactly the same as the real one that worthy like what? $1000? get it over with you people!

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