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Well, the rear view doesn’t look as offensive as the front end.

That’s all I can say….

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  1. Now that I’ve seen the front, back, and side of this vehicle, I think I can come to a conclusion in regards to its design.

    The back and sides are a good evolution of the current design. I never liked how the tailights jutted out from the sheetmetal on the current FX (like they do on the Camry, not flush with the sheetmetal).

    So I appreciate that.

    I think the shape of the front is OK, but the grille and headlights are atrocious. Why they couldn’t just put G37-style headlights on this new FX is beyond me, and apparently beyond Infinity’s design team as well.

  2. If the front turns out to be real, they ruined it. How could this happen after they just came out with the great looking EX.

  3. So, basically it is the existing design with changes here and there. Looking at it from the distance, it is difficult to distinguish it from the current model. I guess the real differences should be in horsepower and luxury goodies. I have to say, I was expecting something more revolutionary than evolutionary.

  4. it’s funny, hyundai started to make car that look more and more like infiniti and bmw, while infiniti start to make car that look more and more like hyundai

  5. Bad Nasty

    What is this epidemic of fugliciousness that seems to be spreading like wildfire among Japanese brands?

    We have the fugly new Accord, Highlander, upcoming Pilot and now this from Nissan/Infiniti!

    Absolutely horrendous!

  6. I saw two this past weekend…. What is the point??? This honestly looks like a station wagon. At least the X3, RDX, LR2 look like SUVs.

    Stupid vehicle.

  7. Aside from the ghastly looking front and back ends, it doesn’t seem Infiniti made too amny changes to the FX. If making it uglier was the only reason for the redesign, why did Infiniti even bother?

  8. This beast is designed to have the common folk, you, the reader , to react this way. you can’t afford one so don’t worry. it looks strong and sexy and mean , just like a great party broad, because it’s saying get out of the way you kia driving sheep or i’ll ram it up your rear end!

  9. It’s fugly. And what’s up with that pseudo tail that Infiniti is putting on all their models. It’s an distraction and ruins the flow of lines.

  10. The “sexy beast” comment?

    Exactly the type of american consumerist bravado that will cause people to impulse-buy this malformed contraption: Just to prove that they can afford one. In fact, I know a certain small-time suburban cocaine dealer who changes up his rims every year on his ’05 FX45 just because. Of course Nissan builds a good car-based luxury-ute. They’ve just let their styling department get carried away on this one. Leave this one for the Baby Mamas and the boys who are compensating for their package size.

    I can’t wait to read what the journalists write about these brushstrokes-gone-wrong.

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