Polo in the US?

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That’s what VW has been asking their dealers.
If we get the Polo, it won’t be this one but the next generation.
For the Polo to work here, it would have to be quite a bit cheaper than the $16 000 Rabbit.

I am not sure VW can produce a car for around $13 000 for the US.
But we’ll see.

It would be nice to get a really affordable VW again. If it doesn’t look like a japanese car (Jetta) that is…

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  1. It would be nice to get a version of the 75mpg diesel engine here in the US that VW will be making. I read it in Popular Mechanics.

  2. Interesting … I’m sure VW will find plenty of US buyers for a model slotted below the Rabbit. Up here in Canada VW already has a couple of vehicles priced under the Rabbit: the City Golf (built in Brazil) and the City Jetta (built in Mexico). These cars are slightly re-styled versions of the previous generation Golf and Jetta. Apparently, they are selling quite well … this should bode well for a future North American VW Polo.

  3. I agree with John M. A diesel would be great. It would also help define the purpose of the Polo as a sporty super-effecient hatch that they could sell at a somewhat premium price close to that of the Rabbit. VW can’t just market it as a car that’s smaller than the Rabbit, because then they’d just be selling to the lowest bidder. And VW will probably never be able to sell cars as cheaply as the Koreans or Chinese. Nor should they want to.

  4. This looks better than the GTI, I think, so with the new wave of small cars like the Yaris, Aveo etc, this would be a smart move priced around 12,995 and offer a variety of models, from TDI high mog car, to the 1.4 Turbo/SC engine in the sports model.

  5. VW has a nice range of cheap small models in Brasil. They are probably lots better than the Brasilian Fox they sent here two decades ago. They are selling a Brasilan model in Europe now.

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