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I was also a bit disappointed by the new G8.

The V6 version is, just like the Genesis, around $30 000.
Which isn’t really cheap. But, unlike the Hyundai, the G8 makes no attempt at luxury. The cloth looks like what you would find in a $17 000 car. And the plastics look pretty cheap everywhere.
Sure you can get leather and improve things a bit.

It’s just not a very impressive interior….

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  1. That’s coz it IS a mass market car, and GM doesn’t really have the cash to take it up a peg in quality for the position they’ve attempted to give it in the US market.

  2. It’s should start at 24-25 for the V6….not at 30. The V8 stripped of a couple of options is more worthy of the 30.

  3. This is just your opinion, Vince.

    Since I, nor probably most of the people who submit comments on here, have ever been inside a G8, I don’t think we should just take your opinion on interior quality based on pictures and your commentary alone.

    There’s times when I question your opinions on design, so I think I’ll take your opinion into account, but with a grain of salt.

  4. According to http://www.pontiac.com/g8 the V6 (256 hp) model starts at $27,595 and the V8 GT (361 hp) starts at $29,995.

    I’ve sat in one, at the Detroit Auto Show, and I thought the interior quality was great, but I’m far from the most discerning eye. The person that sat in the passenger seat next to me seemed more picky, he was commenting on things like the gaps and solidity of the instrument panel itself, and he sounded very impressed as well.

    I think it’s a fantastic car from top to bottom with a pedigree of fine handling and power delivery from its Holden counterparts, I will be very interested to see if Hyundai can actually deliver on their first (I believe) RWD chassis and first completely in-house V8.

  5. I think the G8 interior looks rather nice. The handbrake doesn’t look all that great, and if it’s anything like the similar design in the SAAB9-3, it’s garbage. But everything else appears pretty solid.

  6. Drawing comparisons between the G8 and the Genesis simply because they fall at similar price points is flawed logic. The cars appeal to entirely different customer segments. The Genesis is an entry-level luxury sedan, and the G8 is a sport sedan. Pontiacs aren’t supposed to be “luxurious”… that’s what Buicks are for.

  7. And no stick with the V8.
    At least a V8 version will be much less than a V8 Genesis. $35k, loaded.
    Nice exterior style too.

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