Production Dodge Challenger

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Not sure why this car was not at the Detroit show.
This for sure is the most exiting think Chrysler has offered in years. And it stays true to the concept.
No need to rush to your dealer yet.

Wait next year, when smaller V8s and a V6 will be available…

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  1. I was alive and well in 1970 when the FIRST Challenger was offered. It was basically a piece of junk with a sexy body. And I expect it will be much the same in the new version. All Chrysler products are basically the same — good looks with less than desirable build quality (aka CHEAP).

  2. I smell BIG profits here for Chrysler. This will be manufactured with 100% Mexican parts(which cost less to manufacture and are least reliable). The Retail Price of this will be INFLATED to the MAX! Anyone who spends the BIG BUCKS for this will be wasting their hard earned money just to say they got one! The Automotive Industry has no shame or remorse!

  3. I wasn’t born when the first on came out and don’t get this one either. Their target number are pretty low in terms of the number they want to sell. This is not meant to be a volume car like the mustang. Camaro on the other hand should reach close to mustang numbers, depends on what the mustang redo looks like.

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