Production Volt???

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Looks like it.
What do you think?

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  1. GM waited until Toyota sold over one million hybrids worldwide. Toyota had a fricking balls and know there is room for innovation , for something new…

    GM on the other had still have NO car with 50mpg .
    Oh ya, I forgat they talk about volt in 2010 or later. By that time everybody will be far ahaed…AGAIN

    Please insert laugh here “…” for volt

    So far volt is hothing but empty promises….velcome to GM.

  2. I can certainly understand the skepticism given GM’s history, but I wouldn’t bet against them. Looking at recent history, shows a that GM is bringing out concepts that go to production (Solstice, Aura, Enclave) as well as other excellent new product (CTS, Malibu, Acadia). Clearly things are changing with Wagoner and Lutz at the helm.

  3. I agree that ford and gm have promised more than they have delivered in the last couple decades. Having said that GM is starting to deliver world class products at this point, just look at Saturn, Cadillac and even buick for that matter. Ford on the other hand has not yet awaken from its hibernation. Just look at poor Mercury, most of Lincoln and anyone of the cars at Ford (except maybe the fusion). ford better come out of the cave soon or all its fat stores are going to used up.

  4. Why do the haters always try to make this GM vs. Toyota. I didn’t see Toyota in this write up??? The Prius is one ugly ass car that I wouldn’t drive anyway.

  5. GMs 2 mode hybrids in the Vue and Tahoe surpass Toyota’s current technology. GM has the balls to pursue a full electric, plug in hybrid and Lithium battery tecnology that Toyota says “its too risky and not required”. GM has a full core press on engineering the Volt and leads in Fuel Cells. It will be built.

  6. It’s a mockup. The sheen coming off of the silver looks like the Dinoc they cover clay with. The lower intake pocket isn’t even a different color. Might be a production clay though.

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