Renault Koleos

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This is Renault’s first crossover/SUV.
And if these are real, there is nothing great looking about it. Looks like it is based on the Nissan Kasquai/Rogue, but looking a bit worse than both Japanese cousins.

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  1. This is not photoshop, it’s very real. The prototype has been shown in several European motorshows (gallery:, and the car is actually already on sale in Korea under the Samsung brand ( I agree that the styling is nothing to go crazy about (a disappointment after the Egeus concept car that preceded it,, and that it does resemble the upcoming Audi Q5 a bit.

  2. “This car is the samsung QM5 with a renault badge. Samsung and Renaullt are partners.”

    To be precise, the QM5 is a Renault with a Samsung badge. Renault owns 80% of Samsung motors (actually, the name is Renault Samsung Motors). The entire Samsung lineup are rebadged Nissans, and this Renault.

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