Saab 9-4X

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I guess this will still be called a concept for the auto show.
But this is pretty much what the small crossover from Saab will look like.
Its Cadillac cousin will get its own design and interior.

This looks OK, but not as modern/different than I thought…..

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  1. This will be made in Mexico, Tiguan are you still there? The only great thing is that SAAB will use a Flex Bio fuel engine.

  2. That’s the first SAAB interior design that I have ever liked. I don’t mind their quirky designs, it’s just that they’ve been too plain and 1990’s looking for most of their models.

    This looks great. Hopefully it makes it to production.

  3. i really don’t like it…what saab needs is to take a chance…and i’d call this design as vanilla as they come

  4. This is sure to be a great car, will do extremely well in a boring segment and is a much needed addition to the Saab lineup. Not to mention, once they slap the sophisitcated new Saab XWD system on this, it will be unbelievable. I’d take this over the Acura RDX in a heartbeat.

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