Saab 9-4X Concept

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This looks pretty much production ready.
Except the trick sliding tray in the hatch, the big wheels and some trim.
I real life, it is really nice looking. Roomy with a really nice interior.
Power comes from a version of Saab’s 2.0 Liter turbo.

I hear the cool glass like finish on the dash might even make it into the production model.
Something Saab need badly: difference.

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  1. I visited Detroits Saab 9-4x display on Tuesday 1/22/08 and was underwhelmed by the floor presentation.
    Maybe it was the colour or the lighting, to me the 9-4x concept didn’t look all that attractive or special.
    I was also surprised at how few visitors were admiring it.

    Strangely, show goers seemed to like the look of a nearby 9-7x Aero more. The 9-7x Aero had an appealing heavily metallic black finish and looked much better under the auto show lighting. The 9-7x Aero also received noticeable positive comment from show goers.

    I hope 9-4x gets the motoring public’s attention between now and the official on sale date. May it translates as more attractive on the street and in the dealerships than it does in concept form.

  2. This car is a great option for Saab and I know I’d take it over its competition any day: Acura RDX, BMW x3 etc….

    This smaller, efficient, stylish cross-over is exactly what Saab needs to expand its lineup and to break into markets that it needs help with…. I live in New England where there are Saab’s EVERYWHERE, but I realize that they need to expand out west and into the south…. this will help

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