Skoda Superb

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It does look bigger than the Passat it is based on.
It also doesn’t look as modern as the VW.

They still do not show it but the rear is supposed to incorporate a new design that is both a hatch and a trunk.
Something the upcoming Passat CC might also end up using.
Basically you can choose to open it like a conventional trunk, or move the whole thing up (including the rear window) like a hatchback.

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  1. I changed my mind. It looks like they looked at the already awkward c pillar from the Jetta for inspiration and made it worse.

  2. It’s kind of sad.
    The previous generation Superb was so much more elegant than the Passat.
    This is decent, but nowhere near the older car.

  3. The first car that came to my mind was the BMW 7-series from like 15 yrs ago… And I agree with previous posters, that C pillar is catastrophic.

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