Suzuki Equator

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Basically a Nissan Frontier clone with a big macho grille.

Is the market for smaller pick up trucks so hot that Suzuki must have one?
Is this the right way for them to get noticed?

It’s just a little bit weird….

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  1. Hey, Honda used Isuzu before the Pilot and CR-V
    were even created.
    Overall Suzuki is doing an excellent job, but…
    I think Suzuki needs to market their cars much better
    and offer more engine choices.
    1)The SX4 is not a bad car at all, but I think it should have been a few inches longer and a little more trunk room in the back with a bit more boost under the hood but again your paying the least amount for a great value mini ute.
    2)The Grand Vitara should have come with a standard and smooth functioning 4 cylinder. Some have though the V6 engine was a little more hungry with gas, but also a great truck with great value.
    Maybe Suzuki should give these cars to the stars to drive for free or have them in movies.
    Vince could be driving one in ” Burlapp VS. Rambo.

  2. We get (I assume) Frontier with 100K warranty, no deductible, fully transferable.
    And different head-lights and grill.

    Hey…more choices for us…costumers.

  3. I think the Grand Vitara is a sharp-looking SUV. too bad it has a slow and thirsty six instead of a less-thirsty turbo-4.

    this pickup looks great – i prefer the front-end over the Frontier’s.

    Anyone know if Suzuki changed the interior at all? Again, I reference the GV with Suzuki’s pleasant i nterior design – which is superior to the ones in the Frontier and XTerra.

  4. geeze they only changed the grill and front bumper, the headlights stayed the same due to the front fender design, oh well at least the stupid bucktooth nissan grill design is gone and lets hope they put a regular tailgate on it instead of the odd gates on the nissans… hope they changed the tailamps also… Ill wait a year and wait for huge rebates on them then ill buy one..

  5. This is a decent ReSkinning. I accept. I’m glad they got this instead of ANOTHER Colorado….those clones are closer alike than this and the frontier.

  6. Suzuki is GM controlled, although even suzuki people could not have a GM garbage truck in their lineup. they went to the best. that frontier is the strongest, tightest truck in the world! too bad that nissan shared the wealth.

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