Toyota A-Bat Concept details

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  1. froreigners cant do pick up right theres anopther proof if you ever needed nonone this looks like crap

  2. Vince, I agree with your comment the other day about this is what you expected trucks to look like in the 21st century. I agree. This is was trucks should look like and have of the idiots out there with real trucks do not need them. Remember the Subie Brat and then the second coming? What was it the Baja? Both ugly as sin however most people dont need a trunck and wont use it anyway. If you want a car that can only seat two you can get a Miata. Its not like they use the beds have of the time anyway.

    Off topic but the Ridgeline is based off the Pilot which is based off of the Odyssey. So it’s not really a truck truck. More of a CUT OR SUT. Hmm I wonder how expensive they are?


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