Toyota Venza Video

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Up close it does look pretty upscale.
Again, much better than the current Highlander…

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  1. There is nothing wrong w/ the Highlander.
    It is made well and looks comfortable inside. The Venza on the other hand, has awkward styling
    and a very strange looking grill. The JDm version is much nicer.

  2. This Venza looks great. The profile is very nice. It will most likely be the class leader in reliability. The 268-hp engine will be faster than the Edge. The wheels are nice and large. This will take sales from the Lexus RX350, Ford Edge and Nissan Murano. The Dodge Journey has no chance.

  3. 3/4 view is similar to the RX. It does look nice.

    However, Vince, do you know how big or where this vehicle is placed in the line-up?

  4. and wise buyers would be better staying away from this “toyo-ta”.

    stick with original Toyotas (build and designed in Japan), and you might get lucky to enjoy the car for as long as you want.

    buy a US designed and made toyota, and you could suffer like the owners of new Avalon, Highlander, etc.

  5. Ya , there they go, the cocky bastards of the industry, Pacifica did not sell but ours will, I hope they rot with this one!!!!!!!!!!!!

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