Toyota Venza

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This is no Raquel Welch, but it is a huge step forward from the Highlander.

Basically a Camry wagon that will replace the Solara in the line up.

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  1. Yes Toyota again showing “full faced” arrogance! Here you are, we can build a Chrysler Pacifica, only ours you “will” buy!

  2. That Grill is horrendous, the Chrysler version of this dud looks better. What makes Toyota think that their Pacifica will sell????

  3. I like the look of this tall wagon … although the location of the transmission selector is kind of odd (mid way between on the dash a la current mini van trend and on the floor a la sedan or SUV). However, I’m totally perplexed as to where this fits in Toyota’s current line up. The Highlander would seem to cover the same segment as this. Or is the Venza supposed to have more luxo-car crossover genes (rather than the truck-lite-lite genes of the Highlander)?

  4. Just what the world needs — another Toyota crossover slotted in between other Toyota crossovers. When will Toyota build another CUV to slot between this and the Highlander or RAV4? And when can we expect the Lexus version?

  5. Seems like Toyota hires 12 year olds as stylists. Aren’t there laws against that?

    They have incredibly poor taste…Almost self-lothing. I would take boring over this any day.

  6. Wow! This looks great! A Toyota that actually looks like a Lexus! (Reminds me of the RX)

    I sure hope it’s affordable, I’ll trade in my old Rav4 for this ASAP!

  7. This vehicle looks like something very close to what I have been waiting for. I don’t have to prove I’m some macho guy by driving more truck than I’ll ever need but I do need some utility for hauling a few things. I don’t ever want to carry 7 passengers even if they are sardines. I like a nicely finished interior and exterior and I like 4WD, and good mileage. And I don’t want some american piece of junk that looks like it’s 10 years old after 4. I’m sure the Toyota slaggers will say it’s not SUV enough or not stationwagony enough, too tall, too short, less this, more that, etc. But I think Toyota will sell a lot of these because they will be what a lot of people want.

  8. Toyota is cannabalizing it self just as badly as Ford….maybe even WORSE. It’s the return of that Camry wagon that in itself looks like the Ford Edge. I want the Mark X Zio instead.

  9. better than the highlander…but it looks like a squashed edge from the front…the top shot isn’t too flattering either in terms of the rear. speaking of the rear, it fares better than the front but too volvo-esque for a non-volvo vehicle.

    is this supposed to be more of a murano and edge type vehicle (5passengers versus 7?)

    i think toyota needs a 5-passenger crossover smaller than the rav4, not this.

  10. I love the profile of this. It looks like a Lexus RX350. This is Toyota’s version of the Ford Edge and Nissan Murano. It’ll sell well, have a sily smooth 268 hp V6 and be very reliable.

  11. Toyota , my fine , intelligent friends, are heading toward a major collapse. This company recalls sooooooo many cars and has delayed sooooo many quality related recalls, that it will implode. you cannot do that much harm to the environment and kick amercan car companies in the teeth and then bow politely and say , we didn’t know. Go for a mazda or Nissan where they still know what quality means. This dud has no place in their lineup, it’s another grab at market share.

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