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Not really a coupe, but a much better version of the Passat.
it looks really great in person.
But it’s too bad the dash is just the same as the regular Passat.

The interior is still roomy, but seats only 4. They weren’t talking about prices, but everyone was guessing about $3000 over the Passat. At least.

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  1. i really like the look of th ecar. i was expecting more dramatic styling but you can’t really fault this design – except for the sebring-like taillights inthe rear 😉

    i agree with you vince – they should have made the interior slightly different than the regular passat’s.

  2. Looks better than I thought it would! I’m really curious to see how it will do in the market. Will it blow the regular Passat out of the water or will it languish like the Phaeton? I really hope it’s the former

  3. Nice Wrapper Lacks Content
    This is a nice looking vehicle but it suffers from being ‘content challenged’.

    One look on the inside will tell you that ‘uh, somethings missing’ as in where’s the content?

    And isn’t it the inside that really counts? Where we live in our day-to-day car?

    For a vehicle that is considered the Passat replacement(?) the interior is a major disappointment not only because it doesn’t look any different than the current car it allegedly replaces but that it doesn’t offer any more oomph.

    And speaking of oomph, about those two engine choices a 2.0 turbo 4 cyl or a 3.6 6 cyl, while the trubo inline 4 at 200 hp is appreciated, the better bet would be the 6 cyl @ 280 to move it’s hefty 4200 pound.

    This car has been criticized for having excessive road noise. Guess what? It does.

    At a starting price in neigbourhood of $30k plus, plus plus (depending on equiment) I’ll take a Genesis V6 in suite-and-tie blue or limo black.

  4. VW Pass Gas, thats what this lame lame car should be called, what a dissappointment…Not Enough BLING!, Corolla taillights…hey lets face it, it’s still a VW, can you feel good meeting your buddies at the coffee shop in this. I’d prefer showing up in a class act like an infinity or something. I made a mistake and bought one once, key word , once. the german quality is not there.

  5. I’d consider it a sports sedan more than a 4-door coupe, whatever you call it, the Passat CC’s a nice looking car.

  6. I’m having a hard time understanding where this fits? Why would I pay more for this car that has the same interior and same engine options as the regular Passat? If the leaders at VW had a clue, they would replace the Passat with this car and update and market the Jetta as a midsize alternative to the Camry, Malibu, etc. I’m really not getting the reason for this car ….. yet.

  7. I like this car a lot. But VW is confusing consumers with a bizarre product offering that conflicts with existing vehicles. The interior is, of course, stellar. But it’s the same interior that you get in the current Passat. And why is this even called a Passat when it’s going to be sold on the same floor as the “plain” Passat? This is another odd decision from VW. Car makers are supposed to delineate their car lines to make it easy for customers to make a decision. On one hand, people are obviously going to want the Passat CC. But the mechanicals and interior are an exact carryover from the existing Passat, which will make it difficult for people to justify spending the extra coin. Unless the buyer is a real VW fan, they might just throw their hands up and buy a Malibu or Accord. Or spend a few more bucks and get an A4.

  8. boulevard car, trunk too small, weak rear style, same interior as other passat, only now you can only seat 4???? forget it! it will not sell.

  9. This is a very nice looking car. I like the paint too. It looks like machined aluminum from these pics. Is this thing a hatchback? The trunk looks too small to be a conventional trunk. I agree with the other bloggers about the marketing of this car. Who is going to buy this? I too think this should be a regular Passat that would seat 5, not 4.

  10. $3000 for a larger c-pillar that blocks your view and causes you to get into accident plus a a hard plastic cover over the middle of back seat that prevent anybody from sitting on it, WHAT A DEAL!!!

  11. I just read that VW is planning another car to now fill the “void” between this Passat CC and the Phaeton. They’re really trying to push VW upmarket.

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