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Another good looking car on the floor.
The new Passat CC isn’t that much smaller inside than the regular Passat.
It just seats only 4. But it is way better looking.

Again, it’s just too bad VW didn’t give it its own dashboard design….

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  1. Real nice car but still not practical enough for a sedan. It’s just not high end enough to warrant 4 seats. The Phaeton…I could see that, but not this car.

  2. all the hoopla with the Hyundai Genesis, and VW comes along and upstages all their efforts — ha
    well done, VW for producing a strikingly handsome car

  3. ?VW Upstages the Genesis? with a good looking car?

    Look it, I’m the first one to give any car manufacturer kudos for design, ergonomics, etc. but let’s not get too carried away here.

    VW products aren’t exactly flying off the shelf and maybe they have been reading too much of their own press clippings but this car ain’t going to set the automotive world on fire.

    This car is about as practical as two big toes on your left feet.

  4. This car is beautiful. But, let’s face it, calling it a “Passat” and using the same exact dashboard is going to confuse people shopping for one. A rear seat cupholder isn’t newsworthy and neither is two-tone leather, no matter how good it looks. This should replace the current Passat sedan. Not sit beside it in the showroom. I suppose it’ll all depend on how much more the CC costs over a conventional Passat.

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