2009 Acura TSX

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It is still wearing some camouflage, especially around the lights, front and back.
So it’ll look a bit better than on these pictures.
Let’s hope it feels less Fusion..

I like Acura’s recent interiors, so this one should be pretty interesting.

We’ll know more in a few days….

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  1. So comparing Acura to Honda, what car would this be if it was a Honda? I thought it was a Civic size, and the TL would be Accord and RL is just a full size? But I have heard the TSX is the same as an Accord? I don’t know but I think the Acuras look good.

  2. This is what Honda sells in Europe as the Accord.
    “Our” Accord is for the US only. It’s too big for Europe.

    (Although they sell it also in Japan as a higher end model)

  3. Looks like the current TSX with a little Ford Fusion tossed in. Did Honda actually redesign the TSX or just refresh it? I guess a safe, mild redesign is better than some of Honda’s recent design flubs.

  4. sat in an ’08 tsx last week. it had 2000 miles on it. the rear part covering the back of the drivers seat fell off, the rear floor hump was round in shape but the carpet covering it was square and there was a 1 inch gap when you pushed down. the rear door barely opened enough to get my legs in. and on and on, this car doesn’t come even close to an Altima never mind an Infiniti. I was shocked. these new ones are needed bad, but only if they are “MUCH” better!

  5. Wow finally some headlamps that arent 4 foot sqaure and trying to go all the way up the fender, I love sleek low key lamp styles not huge freaking glass for 2 small projectors..
    Unfortanetly when I first saw the pic I thought of lexus gs and side profile screams Fusion, time will tell but im sure it will look Sexy..

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