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Some of the official words from Acura:

Displacing 2.4-liters and producing 201 hp and 172 lb-ft of torque (with manual transmission), the new in-line 4-cylinder engine produces its useable power across a much wider rpm range, while five percent more torque further strengthens the engine’s pulling power at middle rpm levels. This allows the 2009 TSX to be more responsive off the line and out of corners, and stronger in the middle of the rpm range where the engine operates most of the time.
Two transmissions are available, both as standard equipment – a 6-speed close- ratio manual with new performance-oriented ratios for Second through Sixth gears, and a Sequential SportShift 5-speed automatic with a new lock-up torque converter assembly. The manual transmission features a short-throw shifter with a precise, light action that makes it highly rewarding to use, while the Sequential SportShift automatic permits fully automatic operation with intelligent features such as Grade Logic Control and Shift Hold Control, which make driving the TSX on hilly or winding roads more enjoyable. If the driver desires, the automatic transmission can also be operated manually via new steering-wheel mounted F1®-style paddle shifters.

Functionality and refinement converge with luxury and style in the interior of the 2009 Acura TSX. Featuring a blend of sweeping, contemporary shapes, a high level of standard comfort and convenience features, widespread use of premium materials and an available Technology Package, this 5-passenger sports sedan offers the upscale modern interior that customers have come to expect from Acura.

From the precision-crafted metal door sills to the satin-metal finish accents, from new leather-covered seats to the steering-wheel mounted controls, and from the premium 7-speaker sound system to the dual-zone automatic climate control, the TSX represents a merge of intelligent design and innovation. For example, Bluetooth® connectivity is standard and includes a HandsFreeLink® cellular telephone interface that makes communications easier and safer while en route.

Typical of Acura, the TSX offers an exceptional level of standard equipment. Included are a standard power passenger seat, a new folding key with remote entry, new automatic headlight activation, a premium 7-speaker sound system with CD, AM/FM/XM®, Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® , and USB port music interface. A HomeLink® remote control system is also standard.

Adding to the already impressive list of TSX standard equipment is the available Technology Package, which bristles with leading-edge electronics that make driving much more efficient and enjoyable. These include an Acura Navigation System with Voice RecognitionTM, AcuraLink® Real-time traffic, AcuraLink® weather, and the highly useful AcuraLink® Satellite Communication System. The navigation system also features Real-time trafficTM covering 76 major metropolitan markets, and offers Traffic Rerouting with dynamic route guidance to help navigate around slow-downs. For 2009, the TSX receives a dash-mounted electronic compass for added directional information while driving.

Included in the Technology Package is a premium sound system tuned by legendary sound engineer Elliot Scheiner. This 10-speaker Acura/ELSTM Premium Surround Sound System with DVD-Audio includes a new Note function for XM® Radio that makes it easy to identify songs to recall at a later date. With push of a button, the Note function can capture 10 seconds of up to 30 songs, along with noting text indicating song title, artist name, and XM® channel.”

A bit disappointing about the engine. Which now would trail behind the competition. They should at least offer the option of the Turbo version they already have in the RDX.
And 6 speed auto transmissions are getting more and more popular these days…

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  1. firs tht htis is way to o long to read

    and that little engine should be ni what they claim is a luc=xury car

    you can get a cadillac for that much money with a rel engine this is obviuosly for europe and asia whaere people are much smaller and gas is expensive we dont need this over here

  2. The Temple of Vtec forums are livid about the hp. We all are waiting for a Type-S model to surface with the turbo, but even still the base model should have at least 225 hp…this is very disappointing.

  3. I know HP isn’t everything. But when you can get over 250hp from a smooth V6 in a $23 000 Malibu, you’d think an Acura would offer something more than 200.

    Not to mention the Accord gets 190 from the 4 cylinder too.

    Another weird move from Acura…

  4. An old GM/Ford/Chrysler trick…merely change the grill and charge the unknowing idiots more or less for the same car.

  5. Yeah, people were really hoping for more HP. Tov has been seething with anger lately after the new releases. I really don’t care about tons of power but the one thing that is really bugging me about all of hondas new designs is how much front overhang they have. Just looking at them gives me a headache. And combined with the higher front ends, supposedly for pedestrian safety, they look goofy as shite. I really don’t understand either … the civic doesn’t need all the overhang, a camry doesn’t need all the overhang, a Fit doesn’t need all the overhang. Why all the freaking overhang?! I loathe that look …. so dorky. The new WRX is another fine example.

  6. “I know HP isn’t everything. But when you can get over 250hp from a smooth V6 in a $23 000 Malibu, you’d think an Acura would offer something more than 200.

    Not to mention the Accord gets 190 from the 4 cylinder too.

    Another weird move from Acura…”

    What a stupid comparison, Vince. Yes it is low on horsepower but are people really cross shopping between a Malibu and a TSX? I don’t think so.


  7. Hmm…its dimensions are getting very close to TL. I guess they are underpowering this thing not to cannibalize the TL?

  8. Cross shopping with a Malibu V6 isn’t a stretch by any means.

    Both are front wheel drive mid size sedans. Both are relatively good looking cars. Both cost in the high 20’s. The malibu is better looking with sharper wheels and has a glitzier interior. The TSX has a higher quality interior and honda refinement. I presently have a 4 cyl 06 Accord and I don’t know if I would pay extra for a european Accord with a 4 cyl and an Acura badge. Advantage Chevy.

  9. No, Douchbag is wrong.

    The fuel economy on this car is not stellar for a 4 cylinder and does not improve over the car that has had the TSX label for the last 4 years. Sure mid-range Hp and Torque are improved, but only an enthusiast with the manual will know how to use that as an advantage. Visually this care is good for the eyes, but a test drive will leave many disappointed, I am sure. Especially if they are coming from a current Honda V6, TSX, or TL.

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