2009 Acura TSX

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the first official picture.
And I must say, this looks better than I thought.
I think the grille works on this one. It is different enough, but not as weird and horrifying as the new RL.

The TSX is basically a loaded car for under $30 000. And I think a good value and a really good car (I drove the current model twice and was always pretty impressed).
So I think the new one will de very well if it stays in the same price range.

More on this car, very soon. Keep checking….

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  1. I guess after all of Honda’s recent design misses, they were due for something that remotely resembles a hit. Of course why Honda couldn’t apply some of the design elements to what is basically a European Accord to the ghastly Accord we got is a real mystery.

  2. The TSX is a nice car, but, it suits the under 5’5″ crowd. Same as the 3 series in dimensions. If they want to do it right, the TSX needs to replace the TL power wise, then upgrade the TL to the RL status and make the RL the flagship with a V8. Instead, Acura is messing around with cosmetic upgrades. Unfortunately, the new RL is a wimpy evolution of an existing turkey.

  3. The TSX looks about the same as the old one but with the new grill. I was hoping it would turn out to look more like the Sports Concept.

  4. I love it … it’s clean and classy. I was seriously worried after seeing the RL grille from hell but it definitely works on the smaller tsx.

  5. Saturn, old accord, recalls, bad transmissions, plastic suspension parts, ya hoonda is lost baby!, hey over here honda losers, ……..

  6. Why not just replace the RL and have something to compete with the 3 series? That makes alot more financial and logical sense than rearranging the whole line up.

    When the accord turns the malibu/
    6/fusion Etc… into another mazda929/Taurus/Focus/Pacifica/Catera Etc… alot of people are gonna be in denial saying “I never said that ?????? was a good car”. Don’t beleive me? How many 90-93 Accords do you still see? How about the competition of the same year? Would you still say a brokedown mazda or taurus is better than a “Boring” Still running accord? A car can be like a gold digger, You pay cold hard cash for the looks and it could cost you alot in the long run, either way your probrably gonna get F****d.

  7. ugh the grille still looks like it could take off a few fingers if you happen to point at that acura badge.

    but the grille isnt the most important thing about the car. im sure if you really dont like it, you could always import the grille from the japanese or european version. anyone know how big this car is?

  8. It looks great to me. Now the only thing they need to do is to put a turbo and their SH-AWD on it and then call it a day.

  9. Could people get off of this “its gotta have a V8” mantra?!?!? Look at how BMW, Mercedes, Chevy, and Ford are all back pedalling to come up with engine/drivetrain packages that replace thier huge V8powered cars. Even AMG is talking about looking at smaller engines, lighter vehicles… ghast, diesel as an alternative to lower fuel consumption. I respect Honda/Acura and Mazda for sticking with smaller engines to keep CO2 production and fuel consumption down.

  10. Ya it looks better than the RL, but anything looks better than that “refreshed” mutant monstrosity.

    Compare this to the competition, and it’s pretty ugly. Honda took a clean simple design of the old TSX and managed to make it uglier. Tacky wheelarches, excessive angles and creases, topped up with trademark Acura huge front overhang and Acura’s new “signature” ugly grill.

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