2009 Ford Edge Sport

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A new model for the Edge.
The sport doesn’t come with a new engine or anything. It just looks sporty.

The standard wheels on the new model are 20 inch(!). With 22 inch optional(!!)
So it’s basically just a “visual sport’ package. For those of us who think 22 inch chrome wheels look sporty, that is…

I like the look of the Edge. But I’m not sure this adds to it.
Or maybe it does… Who knows…

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  1. I test drove the edge when I was deciding on my new vehicle. It drove well, handled well and had a very nice interior. Downsize it felt heavy, maybe a little too floaty going around corners and the mpg still not the best. But I definitely see why this vehicle is doing well.

  2. I’ve got to tell you, I am not a big fan of American vehicles at all but I think this looks pretty good.

    I hope they sell a ton!

  3. No suspension enhancements? Hmmm. Personally I like the Mazda CX-7 better but I don’t want a turbo. Wish they’d offer the Edge’s V6 in the CX-7.

  4. The murano makes this vehicle look dowdy and low rent now that the new one is out, even if it is a bit wierd.

  5. Ricardo Head,

    I grant your wish for getting the Edge’s V-6 into a Mazda. I will call it the CX-9. Styling will be the same as the CX-7.

  6. Does anyone realize that bigger tires always compromise ride quality? The larger the tire on a constant platform deteriorates the ride quality to the point of absurdity! A stiff harsh ride is torture, but at least they look sporty and cost a great deal more. What fools!

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