2009 Forester pricing

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At $20 660, the new Forester is about $1000 less than the old one.
That is pretty good pricing.
The Luxury LL Bean version is at $26 660.

Then you can always add a Turbo to the base version or the more upscale XT.
The top of the line Turbo would be the XT with Limited package at $28 860.

I guess this is not bad compared to the competition. And it still has that “I’m not an SUV” look.

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  1. Another SUV that doesn’t give the manual transmission option to it’s “sporty” model. What gives? I was excited about buying a WRX SUV. Bummer.

  2. An antiquated 4-speed automatic? More gears isn’t always better. This is a case in point. I love it how the 2009 Subaru Forester gets 20/26 city/highway fuel economy. This is the same as that of the “AWD” Honda CR-V. Subaru is able to do that even though the Forester: 1) has more horsepower and torque than the CR-V, 2) actually has All Wheel Drive (not the on-demand crap on the Honda), and 3) the Subaru automatic actually has a manual mode. I’ll take the Subaru with its “antiquated” automatic, thank you very much!

  3. This is the first time this thing made my head turn! Subaru wants to be a CRV/RAV4 Killer…..I say GO them!

  4. I read that Subaru is working on a 6 speed auto and that it might be ready by the end of the year. I would also like to see this vehicle with Subaru’s new 2.0l turbodiesel in the near future. This is a killer value though. Hopefully they’ll improve on it in the near future.

  5. LLbean, tommy hilfiger, josh grogan, these guys can’t help your ugly piece of crap car to sell, neither can eddie bauer help ford, Subaru and ford should be buried together to save costs!

  6. Doesn’t anyone like to push in a clutch and choose their own gear anymore?? Guess it gets in the way of cell phone…

  7. I like the design, even more after getting inside one at the DC auto show. What is this talk about no manual tranny? If true, that is a deal killer for me. Can somebody point me to a source on that?

  8. I can’t remember where I saw that the base has a AT option (MT available), while the XT and up are Standard AT. I was interested in a manual turbo.

    Here is pricing from another (inferior) blog, showing AT only available above the 2.5X.

    MODEL / Standard Package / Transmission / Total Suggested Retail Price

    2.5X (VDC) MT $19,995
    2.5X (VDC) AT $21,195
    2.5X Premium Package (VDC) MT $22,495
    2.5X Premium Package (VDC) AT $23,495
    2.5X L.L.Bean Edition (VDC) AT $25,995
    2.5XT (VDC) AT $26,195
    2.5XT Limited (VDC) AT $28,195

  9. 20/26 miles per gallon on paper… I have owned 4 Subaru’s all automatics and the best Mileage I ever got was on a 250 mile trip all highway miles and that was only 21.4 miles per gallon!!!

  10. ^ Wow I get better then that driving in the city with my 97 auto outback. Our 06 auto legacy gets 30+ on long trips. Maybe you suck at driving?

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