2009 Nissan Maxima

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The current maxima looks pretty much like a bloated last generation Altima.
And, at least from this picture, the next one might just look like… A bloated current Altima.
I thought they were going to try something really different this time.

I must have heard wrong…

The Maxima has been in a tough spot since the arrival of the Infiniti brand.
It you’re going to spend almost $35 000, you can get a well equiped G35. With a better dealer service and warranty.

This Maxima has better be super roomy. Or super great looking. Or something.
Toyota sells the Avalon to mostly older people who want a ride that reminds them of the Cadillacs they used to buy.
I wonder if that is what the new Maxima will be after…

I guess we’ll find out next month.

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  1. the maxima will be a better looking Mercedes cls. It will have diesel option. It will be all new and very different. Teana has nothing to do with North American only Maxima style, it never has. It will be better than anything that acura and lexus offer within $20,000 of the new maximas highest price. it will be a luxury / sport value! I know, i have helped design and test it for the past 4 years. you will be delighted!

  2. With the Altima getting larger and more powerful, there’s no room in Nissan’s lineup for the virtually identical Maxima. A “new” Maxima? Who cares.

  3. There is no way in the world I can see anything in this photo. So, let’s hold on to our horses until we see it live. The current model is a fine cruiser and as far as design goes, all they need to do is shorten the overhangs.

  4. look up on google images, the mercedes cls and also the nissan intima. combine those two designs and you will see the new Maxima. remember, this is a vehicle built by the same people that built the m35 Infiniti, which was the best vehicle that Popular Mechanics “EVER” tested. It will be unbelievable. Expect the BEST, Nissan will deliver it to you in march at the NYAS.

  5. The Maxima lately has been one of those cars with really weird styling(since it was based on the Altima). I can honestly say, I have no idea what part of the car I’m looking at in this photo. To me it’s become such an odd car, in this photo, I could be looking at a door handle or wheel or something. I’m guessing it’s a heavily disguised front end?

    John M

  6. I’ve just seen some more pics of this new Maxima and so far it looks pretty good. Hopefully it is’nt one of those cars that looks better with the camoflauge on.

    John M

  7. The new one suppose to have CLS door which the Germans call 4 door coupe. There is still a bit of camouflage on this and who knows if that is a test mule using the existing platform.Honestly, I think Nissan should kill off the Maximaand offer the Teana in its place.I also think the Pathfinder should be killed offand be placed with the more frugal and coolerNissan X-Trail.Personally, I can’t wait for the Cube to come to market since it will be a mode of transportationthat offers a very unique experience behind the wheel and will concluded what the XB (BB) Scion was suppose to do for the American public that the second generation model failed to do.Take a look at the Tena:EBM14 inc.

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