2010 Focus???

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Ford has claimed before that we’ll get the same model as in Europe when the Focus is redesigned in a couple of years.
No more “US only” model.

But don’t count on getting any cool hatchback design anymore. They might pool a Verve on us and offer only the trunk version in the US and keep the cool looking hatch for the rest of the world.
even though this is just an illustration for now, it looks pretty interesting doesn’t it…

We’ll see….

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  1. What’s truly amazing is to compare the revised U.S. Focus to the current Euro-version. They aren’t simply years apart in style- they’re decades apart! The U.S. model looks like something the Russians would have built during the Kennedy era! I can’t believe the forward-thinking and quick-acting Mr. Mulally could have let this happen! He is openly critical of the current Taurus so I can only imagine what he thinks of the Focus.

  2. I would actually be surprised if the current focus is around for only 2 years….what a waste of effort…..an money. We should have had the Euro Focus in 2005.

  3. If the current Focus is only on the market for two years, it’ll be such a wasted effort….and sum of money, no matter how grotesque the design and execution. We should have had the Euro Focus in 2005.

  4. That’s NOT the 2010, just a speculative chop and it looks more wagon than hatch there so not a great chop. The US WILL most likely get the hatchback as well, the Fiesta (Verve) will remain much smaller than the Focus

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