5 Door Fiesta

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I guess this is just an illustration, still.
No matter what, the real thing will end up looking really close. Just add 2 doors to the 3 door they showed us last week.
And again, no matter how many doors, this is a great looking car.

Let’s hope Ford brings us at least one of the hatchbacks on top of the regular sedan scheduled for the US market.

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  1. This is a hit on wheels. I hope they can bring it to our shores in a TIMELY fashion AND produce a QUALITY product. The last small car ford tried I do believe was the most recalled vehicle ever, ie the focus.

  2. The car looks little bit like a Mazda 2; maybe they will let Mazda bring in the hatch and they just keep the sedan?

  3. That is the first 5-door car I’ve every liked. Most of them just look terrible to me but 5-doors appear to fit very well in this design.

    I agree with the previous comments. Drop the Fiesta Name. I understand the name recognition claim Ford has made but the US version will have none of that. Verve is actually a pretty damn good name. Go with it.

  4. This is the direction the US Focus should have taken. Instead we get a rehash of the 1964 Falcon.

  5. the Mazda2 looks like a squashed frong from the front, this is muuuuch better, it oozes style and looks premium even though its cheap! Great car Ford

  6. this isnt the first new car to come from a european manufacturer with a huge front overhang. is tit a saftey thing?

    check out the proportions on most fiats, the renault clio, any new peugeot…it really doesnt look that good. you definately want to have more weight in back and less in front. dont take that the wrong way

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